Now, there is hope for all women who have Breast Implants and are sick or worried.

At Last, there is Relief from Silicone Poisoning and Fungal Infections caused by ruptured Saline and Silicone Implants.

My book presents A NEW DIET, Nutritional Therapies that worked for me, Cleansing Modalities, and a Rejuvenation Program that GETS THE SILICONE OUT and MAKES YOU LOOK AND FEEL YEARS YOUNGER!

All of the Beneficial Remedies are outlined and explored in great detail in this easy to follow guide.

Now You Can Stop the Pain - I’ll show you, step by step, how to eliminate your symptoms.

We Silicone Sufferers have become medical orphans because most MD’s have given up on us. But now there is New Hope!



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My Story
Diana Leighland
(aka. I AM) former model and Author

The Amazing Story of How a Doctor's Death Sentence Put Me on the Road to Recovery from Silicone Disease:

I first got breast implants to help promote my modeling career. Within two years I had chronic fatigue so bad that it ruined my offer from Gene Roddenberry to star in "StarTrek, the Motion Picture".

Over the years I had four sets of implants: Saline filled, Silicone gel filled and Polyurathane Bi-Lumin Implants.

Two sets ruptured and they all became deformed looking when the scar capsules hardened around them. Within ten years I was 100% disabled from silicone poisoning and systemic fungal infections. Eventually, the crippling autoimmune disease confined me to a wheelchair.

I developed antibodies to Silicone and 47 other abnormalities in my blood, including systemic fungal infections that invaded my body when my saline and silicone implants ruptured.

My doctor told me that saline implants were safe. . . No one told me that the outer shell is made of silicone and the saline filling is only guaranteed to be sterile for two years; after that it grows fungus like a waterbed.

My MD doctors regretfully informed me that they have no cure and that I would just get sicker until I died. Upon this death sentence, I turned for help to a Higher Power. I meditated five to seven hours per day. Then one day I heard an inner voice offering the step by step guidance I needed to get well from Silicone Disease.

Today I feel vigorous. I am clear-thinking and on an energy high. Now I want to share this valuable knowledge with three million women who face silicone poisoning, so we can all be strong and healthy again.

I opted out of the Dow Settlement and did not file a lawsuit against them so I could keep this book from being squelched by a gag order.

The Silicone Nightmare

• When you’ve been victimized and sacrificed for the greed of a huge corporation;

• When you’ve just found out that women with breast implants are 3 times more likely to die from brain cancer and other cancers and 2-3 times more likely to commit suicide;

• When your dear husband or boyfriend you wanted to have big sexy breasts for can’t touch them anymore because they hurt so bad, and it’s ruining your relationship;

• When you are sick and tired and in pain all the time and you are losing your mind and memory;

• When your glands are swollen and you wake up drenched in sweat each night;

• When the doctors have no cure for what ails you;

• When no one believes you;

• When your children you breast fed are suffering from Silicone Poisoning;

• When no one cares. . .

• It is easy to spin into negativity. To heal, one must be positive. Our emotions play such an important part in our healing. I give You a FORMULA for REAL PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL HEALING.

Here are the Answers You’ll Discover in this Proven Program

• 10 things you need to do to Stay Healthy with Breast Implants.

• How to Get Well from Silicone Poisoning.

• How to Get the Silicone Out Of Your Body and Your Brain.

• How to beat the pain of Fibromyalsia.

• What Every Caring Mother Needs to Know about the poisoning of her breast-fed Children.

• How to Live more comfortably in a polluted environment while recovering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities & Allergies.

• How Implants destroy Relationships and The Steps You Need to Take to Save Your Relationship now!

• Learn the Secret Formula for Creating your Best Body Ever and Making your Natural Breasts Look Youthful and Beautiful at Any Age.

• How to quickly and easily boost your energy naturally.

• How a Fantastic Manchurian Mushroom can relieve the Painful Symptoms of Connective Tissue Disease.

• Heavy Metals Don’t Belong in Your Body; How and Where to get them removed cheaply, safely, and effectively.

• My book also presents a FORMULA for REAL EMOTIONAL HEALING. I Outline the way to lighten your load and be at peace once again. Many of our loving relationships and families have been torn asunder by the emotional sickness brought on by silicone.

Now, The Inspiration conveyed in this book will bring a Powerful Blessing to Heal your family and Revive your Body, Mind, and Soul.

Let me show you how to regain your health

My book presents A NEW DIET, Proven Nutritional Therapies, Cleansing Modalities, and a Rejuvenation Program that GETS THE SILICONE OUT and MAKES YOU LOOK AND FEEL YEARS YOUNGER.

So what’s the cost for the Book that presents the ONLY KNOWN CURE FOR SILICONE DISEASE?

By comparison, just one trip to the doctor would be over $150 and they don't have a cure! Or you could pay $100+ per treatment to go to a spa or clinic. They will charge you for each treatment and they won’t divulge their secret formulas. I visited one clinic that charges $5,500 per week to take a natural cure. In my book I show you what you can do at home that will save you thousands of dollars each week! As a Silicone Sufferer I know how expensive it is. I have spent over $70,000 on medical doctors that didn’t help and $80,000+ on natural therapies. That's over $150,000.00 in silicone related medical bills! I found out what works and what doesn’t. So now I want you to have the benefit of all of my research and discoveries at a tiny fraction of the cost. . .

I have made this valuable resource available to you as a downloadable eBook, directly accessible from the internet. But don’t worry; downloading it is a real snap. I’m no “techno whiz” and I had no problem. (It works perfectly with both MAC and PC computers.)

Now, because you will be downloading everything online – I’m not going to charge you anywhere near the amount you’d pay for a single doctor’s appointment or even what just one overpriced therapeutic remedy or massage goes for. In fact, your total investment for everything you need to know in the Silicone Survivor’s Handbook is only $27.00 (Introducing 200 Vital Pages)


Big Breasts to Die For

Rave Reviews

"Endorsement by Dr. Miles Greenberg, ND My longtime patient Diana Leighland has pioneered a Significant Breakthrough in the Fight against Silicone Disease. I recommend following all of the guidance contained in her Silicone Survivor’s Handbook because I know firsthand that the treatments worked on her. For a long time I could not diagnosis what was causing her infirmary until we finally discovered her Autoimmune Diseases were caused by Silicone Poisoning. I know that she was guided from above to use the Natural Healing Remedies presented in her book. She not only cured herself of Silicone Disease, she is also a Cancer Survivor, and she eliminated an ovarian cyst naturally. Over the years she was healing, Diana sustained several tragic auto accidents and she completely recovered from multiple fractures and injuries including a Broken Back and Herniated Discs. I endorse her brave work in finding effective treatments and I prescribe this book to all of my patients that have implants or are considering them."

  Dr. Miles Greenberg, ND
  Natural Health and Pain Relief Clinic
  Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, 96766

" Hello, this is Sandy Davis of Eugene, Oregon. I was fortunate to meet Diana Leighland, author of The Silicone Survivor’s Handbook at our support group when she was doing research for her book. Today is my tenth day on her special cleansing diet and I feel considerably better. I have noticed a huge difference in my stomach with digestion. I haven't had to take any Rolaids whatsoever. I've been sleeping better. Before, the heart burn would wake me up constantly through the night. Now I have more energy and I'm not feeling as sick as I was. Before, even water gave me heart burn, but since the first day of this amazing program it stopped bothering me altogether. I feel much better. I really do. I honestly feel much better. I know it's helped with my digestive tract a lot. And now I don't have to drink coffee for energy to get through the day. That's a big plus for me! I feel a 100% better. I really do. If my testimonial can help someone else, I am more than happy to recommend The Silicone Survivor’s Handbook."

  Sandy Davis
  Eugene, Oregon

" The first time that I did the cleansing diet I lost a total of 18 pounds. And I believe that most of it was the sludge that had been encrusted within my colon. I have had a flat stomach ever since. You will notice, especially if you take pictures of your irises before and after, your eyes will lighten considerably as the toxins are flushed out of your organs. Your eyes are the mirrors of your internal organs. My eyes went from hazel brown to blue in only ten days. With every cleanse they got lighter and lighter."

  Diana Leighland
  eMail: diana@siliconesurvivors.com

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The Silicone Survivors Handbook is the only book that teaches how to get well from Silicone Poisoning.
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